Advocacy and Partnerships

Few enterprise-level sustainability programs can be executed within organisation silos. Firms need to re-invent their value chain and forge new collaborations – with peers within and across industries, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and the government. They need to influence their current suppliers, customers and other partners to better embrace sustainability practices and catalyse substantive changes to their production and consumption practices. They need to co-opt shareholders, regulators and even activists through their sustainability journey.

Our advocacy solutions are designed to help clients’ structure new partnerships and gain stakeholder endorsement needed to successfully navigate their sustainability transformations. We can work with you to develop suitable communications strategies and content to engage your key stakeholders and facilitate change. We also help structure and monitor joint initiatives such as public-private partnerships, capacity building programs and campaigns to accelerate stakeholder endorsement and change.

It is also no surprise that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have become material for investment managers in their asset allocation and portfolio management strategies. Both mainstream and ESG-themed investors now demand stringent disclosure and dialogue from Boards on such issues, and many have developed their own voting guidelines. As part of our advocacy and partnerships suite, we provide relevant intelligence, insight and advice to help Boards effectively disclose and dialogue with shareholders and proxy advisors.

OUR Advocacy and Partnerships Solutions

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