Corporate boards have a strategic imperative and a fiduciary obligation to oversee the organisation’s sustainability agenda. They must treat environmental and social issues with the same rigor and commitment as they do so for other business disruptors, such as cybersecurity or global catastrophes. Besides, the sustainability topic is inextricable from key organisation policies and practices such as strategy, compliance, risk management and talent. Therefore, it has to be an integral part of the Board and Committee agendas and dialogue.

Our governance solution suite helps organisations enhance relevant processes, structure and individual director skills to improve board oversight of the corporate sustainability agenda. Our blend of deep governance experts and best practice fact-base can help our clients benchmark their current board and committee practices and identify improvement opportunities.

We also design and deliver customised best practice sharing programs for directors to augment awareness. In turn, this helps them credibly communicate sustainability goals, performance and outlook to shareholders, regulators, activists and all other key stakeholders.

Specifically for our early-stage clients, we bring to bear our fast-growing mentor network of industry experts to their Board, so they can access their counsel and eco-system to better navigate growth challenges.

Over time, we hope to elevate our Governance solution suite to a peer-to-peer platform where directors can exchange and access ideas and insight. We will make significant investments to make this happen.


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