Reporting and Disclosure

The last two decades have witnessed a significant evolution in sustainability reporting standards amongst listed companies across developed and emerging markets. Today companies can choose between multiple standard setters to report sustainability strategy, goals, performance and risks to their stakeholders. As per 2020, 96% of the world’s largest 250 companies (the G250) report their sustainability performance.

Sustainability disclosure is not merely a compliance obligation. It is an important lever for companies to demonstrate their commitment to all stakeholders, disclose vital performance indicators on material Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, and attract interest from ESG-themed investors.

Through our Reporting and Disclosure solutions, Sculpt Partners enables Audit Committees and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) effectively narrate their value creation story to relevant stakeholders. We advise across the sustainability reporting lifecycle covering materiality determination, metrics identification, stakeholder engagement, data collection across your value chain, internal controls, report preparation and sign-offs. We also facilitate the process of securing data assurance with relevant third-parties.

To articulate a coherent narrative, we commingle relevant anecdotal context with quantitative data on carbon emissions footprint, energy use and water use, waste management, labour and human rights, community impacts, philanthropy, diversity and inclusion, workforce engagement, and other material topics. Our reporting team is familiar with relevant topics like greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, science-based targets, diversity audits, and other similar types of analyses.

Our reports are not merely tailored for compliance, disclosure or external reporting purposes. We also aid clients to leverage sustainability data for management reporting, performance review and strategic decision making.

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